Hydrating Toner 8oz- balance and hydration
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Hydrating Toner 8oz- balance and hydration

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Our Hydrating Toner carefully formulated to give maximum balance and hydration to the skin. It also functions the perfect skin prep for any of our multifunctional serums. We combine the astringent Witch Hazel along the soothing and cooling agent Aloe Vera to provide the necessary rebalancing process required after the cleansing step in an individuals daily skincare regimen. We also included purified water to provide a layer of hydration to the skin. We finish the formulation of with calculated dose of Lemongrass essential oil: which provides a well rounded amount of vitamins A,B & C. Lemongrass minerals such as potassium, copper, magnesium, zinc and iron just to name a few.

Suggested Uses for this Product

A.  Facial Toner

B. Moisturizer Alternative for Oily/Acne skin

C. Make Up Setting Spray